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Care4Kids is a new Medicaid benefit that provides comprehensive health care for children in Out-of-Home Care that reflects the unique health needs of these children.  To strengthen the quality, access, and timeliness of care, Care4Kids creates a "medical home" for each child entering care.  This "medical home" is not a physical place, but rather a philosophy that children in Out-of-Home Care deserve coordinated and comprehensive healthcare that addresses their unique needs.  Care4Kids provides children with primary care physicians who are trained in the needs of children in Out-of-Home Care, and also creates a team of professionals who coordinate care for the child. 

Facilitated by a Health Care Coordinator, this team is comprised of the county caseworkers, health care professionals, Out-of-Home care providers, and the child's family.  This team works together to ensure that children entering Out-of-Home Care will receive timely, individualized and developmentally appropriate care by physicians trained in evidence-based and trauma-informed care.  This new approach to healthcare will improve physical and mental health outcomes for children, as well as promote improved resiliency and create stronger natural support systems for children in Out-of-Home Care. 

Care4Kids Benefits

Through Care4Kids, children in Out-of-Home Care (OHC) will receive:

  • An OHC Health Screen within 2 business days of entering care
  • A Comprehensive Initial Health Assessment within 30 days of entering care
  • A mental health evaluation (if needed)
  • Dental and Vision Care
  • Coordinated ongoing health care from providers trained in the unique needs of children in OHC
  • A Comprehensive Health Care Plan tailored to the child's individual health needs
  • If you would like a printed copy of your member handbook, please call customer service at 1-800-482-8010.

    • Download Care4Kids Member Handbook (PDF).


    Child Advocacy Centers and Centers of Excellence

    The Care4Kids benefit recognizes that children in Out-of-Home Care deserve healthcare that reflects their unique needs, and therefore emphasizes the importance of using providers trained in these needs.  Children will be provided with an OHC Health Screen within 2 business days of entering care, preferably at a Child Advocacy Center or Child Protection Center. 

    To schedule your child's Out-of-Home Care Health Screen, please call toll free (855) 371-8104.  Care4Kids Initial Health Screen (PDF)

    A Comprehensive Initial Health Assessment will be provided within 30 days of entering care, preferably at an identified Center of Excellence.   A Center of Excellence is a medical provider who is trained in the specific health needs of children in Out-of-Home Care, and is considered a "champion" in the health care field.  Providers in the Centers of Excellence understand the enhanced health care needs of the population and have been trained in trauma-informed care.  The partnership between the Health Care Coordination team and the Centers of Excellence ensures that information is shared in a timely, collaborative manner that will improve outcomes for children in Out-of-Home Care.

    To see the Centers of Excellence and the Child Advocacy Centers that are available to children in Out-of-Home Care, click here. 

    Additional information regarding the Care4Kids program can be found at the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families website at:






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